Collateral Damage

*This is the modified transcript of a message I shared last weekend with the students of Crossroads Church of Walton County during their Disciple Now Weekend. It’s only slightly different from what was actually delivered. This message is about defending the gospel – or, to use a more technical term, it’s about apologetics. If you’ve… Continue reading Collateral Damage

The Lesson of Cain

This morning, I began a new segment with my Christian Learning Center class. We’re discussing the philosophical foundations and development of Biblical worldview this semester, so that means were looking extensively at how the Bible answers the four fundamental questions of life: origin, meaning, morality and destiny. This morning marked the beginning of our look… Continue reading The Lesson of Cain

When Hell Is Not Good Enough

I have to confess, I didn’t keep up with the Casey Anthony trial at all. Not a bit. I knew it was going on, but the details of the proceedings were lost on me. So when I sat down at my computer last night, it took me a minute to figure out what in the… Continue reading When Hell Is Not Good Enough

And Justice For All?

No, I’m not talking about the Metallica album. Nor the Declaration of Independence. I’m talking about a little girl in my community named Mayra Ortiz. She’s fourteen years old, the daughter of an American citizen, and she’s in danger of being deported. How, you ask? Simple: a combination of bureaucracy, misfortune, and the selfishness of… Continue reading And Justice For All?

My Daughter, Morality and Osama Bin Laden

I’ll admit that last night, amid the breaking news report that Osama Bin Laden was dead, my first reactions weren’t the greatest. They ranged from “Really? Why is this news?” to “Wow. Desperate ploy to manipulate the American people.” In short, I was a selfish brat last night, and myopic to boot. Some gracious people… Continue reading My Daughter, Morality and Osama Bin Laden