Thorn in the Flesh

I went to a conference two weeks ago with the Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor of my church. It was a work thing, a bonding experience between us, and we enjoyed a couple days fellowship as we listened to some preaching at First Baptist Atlanta. Now, if you’ve never been to a Bible conference (and… Continue reading Thorn in the Flesh

Today, I Give Up

My son had open house for his Pre-K class today. Rachel, Jon and I went and had lunch with Ella at her school. My grandfather is slowly disappearing before my eyes. Meanwhile, the grass needs to be cut, there’s weeds running rampant in our flower beds, the inside of the house looks like the after-effects… Continue reading Today, I Give Up

Hello Kitty: The Last Day of Childhood

Tomorrow morning, I will wake up earlier than usual. I will most likely have to rouse my daughter from her bed and usher her into the kitchen, where we’ll begin our normal morning routine. Only it won’t be normal anymore. There will be changes. She won’t have the option of starting her day with her… Continue reading Hello Kitty: The Last Day of Childhood

Ella Goes to Kindergarten Camp, Dad Goes to Pieces…

My brain is normally a jumble of thoughts, some connected, others disjointed and meandering around like a bored relative at a party. But today is especially tough for me – while I’m working on my fall calendar, teaching plan for the year, and just in general trying to have a peaceful mental breakdown, I’m constantly… Continue reading Ella Goes to Kindergarten Camp, Dad Goes to Pieces…