Building An Author Website

So I wrote last week about wanting to make some changes over the weekend. I’ve considered launching a personal website for some time now, a place where the blog and my books could be displayed, and something that could give me a bit more of a presence as a writer. After much going back and […]

Insomniac’s Internet Report

I couldn’t sleep last night, a fact you might have guessed given the blog’s suddenly new appearance (Side Note: can I help it if WordPress finally produced a free theme almost exactly like I’ve been wanting? I saw this last night and got giddy). To pass the time, and to prevent my insomnia from infecting […]

So Let Me Get This Right…

Today has been an interesting one here at the old blog. For some reason, decided that my post from this morning (My Daughter, The Writer) was deserving of their Freshly Pressed designation, which means that my blog has been featured on the front page of all day. The traffic has been unbelievable – […]