Bulldawg: How I Published a Book in a Day

Yesterday, I had a sudden burst of energy and a surplus of time. The end result? I now have a new book available on Amazon (both Kindle version and in paperback). Before you get all impressed, let me clarify: The book is a collection of short stories that I wrote a few years ago. I… Continue reading Bulldawg: How I Published a Book in a Day

When Anything Was Possible

This morning, because he was climbing the walls, I put my son in my car and took him for a drive. We ran an errand for work first, then headed down Highway 78, eastbound. We passed through Loganville, Between, Monroe…and as the mile markers swept by, Jon asked me where we were going. “I don’t… Continue reading When Anything Was Possible

Getting My Head Examined

Have you ever thought about what’s inside your head? Random question for a Friday, but it’s kind of where my mind is at. (And after yesterday’s post on politics, I’d rather tongue-bathe the monkey cage at Zoo Atlanta than write about anything political today.) Today, I went and got my head examined. They strapped me… Continue reading Getting My Head Examined

The Inner Munson

Yesterday, my friend, P.C. Frailey, posted out of the blue on my Facebook wall: Alright Brooks, you’re the only person I’ve ever known more pessimistic about UGA football than Larry Munson. So tell me, what is it about Buffalo that has you nervous? I’m sure there must be something you’re sweating over. He’s right though.… Continue reading The Inner Munson