When the Magic of Christmas Dies

PARENT WARNING: This blog post is for parents only. Do not read this where your kids can see it. Don’t read it out loud to them, either (not that you would, but I’m trying to be thorough). In fact, bookmark this post and read it after the kids go to bed.   Christmas magic died… Continue reading When the Magic of Christmas Dies

The Second-Hand Truth of the Gospel of Whomever

I had lunch with friend on Friday, and he said something that really stuck with me. Josh is a writer himself, so it’s no surprise he’s good with a turn of the phrase, but this one little gem has kept me spinning since we talked. “Too many Christians,” he said, “live on second-hand truth.” I… Continue reading The Second-Hand Truth of the Gospel of Whomever

The Statement of Our Steeples

For the past few months, anytime someone has discovered where I work, I automatically get the question. “What’s up with your steeple?” If that sounds like a strange question for people to ask me, 1) I work at a church, and 2) my church’s steeple has been lying on its side in our parking lot… Continue reading The Statement of Our Steeples

God Isn’t Fair

I’ve been reading Andy Stanley’s book Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend. It’s a good read. If you’ve not picked it up, head to the local bookstore and flip through it a bit. Andy’s every bit as engaging on the page as he is in the pulpit, and the first section… Continue reading God Isn’t Fair

Wednesdays Are a Battleground

The Cure sang a catchy little ditty about “Friday, I’m In Love”, about the mindset of the singer towards his unseen amorous partner. The lyrics can seem a bit brutal, but the idea of certain days of the week mattering/feeling more or less than others is one with which I readily identify. Mainly because Wednesdays… Continue reading Wednesdays Are a Battleground