Man of Tomorrow, Man of Today?

Man of Tomorrow, Man of Today? This week marks the transition of this blog to my new personal website. To read today’s post, follow this link. The rest of this week’s posts will be links back to my personal site as well. Thanks for sticking with me during the transition!


Once upon a time, I was a huge baseball fan. Then, Bud Selig happened, and I pretty much only follow the Atlanta Braves now. If you know anything about the Braves, you know that this season will be different from any in the previous 20 years: there will be no Chipper Jones on the field. […]

Trust Fall

I remember when I was in Boy Scouts, our favorite camping trip was always going to Mount Yonah, north of Cleveland, Georgia, and getting to rappel. If you’re unfamiliar with rappelling, it’s fairly simple: you climb to the top of a mountain, tie a long strand of ribbon around your legs, attach a rope to […]

What To Do With This Blog?

I’m a crossroads. I have had this blog for a little over three years now, and while I have grown a lot as a writer, I am now not sure what to do with this blog. See, I have established a blog on a local website (the Loganville-Grayson Patch) that is basically the same as […]

Blue Like the Sky

I’ve been re-reading a book by Francis Chan called Crazy Love, and one of the first things that Chan challenges his readers to do is consider the magnificence of the physical universe. He points his readers to a video on YouTube that outlines the complexity and scope of the actual universe, and to another video […]