Paging C.S. Lewis

It’s late. No one will read this. By now, half the world is asleep, or they’re just getting their day underway. It will slip under the radar, drift off into the ether, and exist only as an entry on my already lengthy archive. But then again, if no one’s going to read it, why bother […]

April Funk

It’s April now. Today looks like spring for the first time in a while here in Atlanta. The sun out, birds are singing, there’s no threat of snow. And I’m trapped in a massive funk. Can’t think of anything to write. Nothing. The tank is empty, despite recently being invited to join a group of […]

The Scrawl on the Wall

I met a friend for coffee this morning, and after the meeting, I needed to use the facilities. Rather than embarrass myself by using the restroom where we met (and thus announcing to the world that I, indeed, do have to pee on occasion), I chose to get in my car and drive an extra […]

Another Year Gone By…

Today is my 37th birthday. Or at least that’s what Facebook would have me believe. Over 125 birthday well-wishes thus far, so I guess I’ll face the facts: I’m middle-aged. Thirty-seven. Three years away from 40. Thirteen away from fifty. Twenty-three away from sixty. As my grandfather used to say, “Lord, where does the time go?” When I was […]

A Few Unconnected Thoughts

Sometimes, you just have too much going on in your head, and you need a reliable place to get it all out. Today is one of those days. This may or may not make a lick of sense for where you are in your life right now, but if I’ve learned anything lately, it’s that […]