Moving Beyond “Standard” In Our Schools

The only thing standardized testing accomplishes is producing standard students. The world needs exceptional students, not standard. This thought has been on my mind all day. It came to me while my wife and I were talking about our kids this morning, and getting them ready to go back to school. See, we’ve been lazy.… Continue reading Moving Beyond “Standard” In Our Schools

30 Minutes to Change a Life

This afternoon, I’m going to speak to a group of at-risk students in Roswell. How I got the gig is through a friend of mine, Sarah P. Zacharias; Sarah is someone who also loves working with students, and she is involved with a mentoring program called Project LIFT. She recommended me as a guest speaker,… Continue reading 30 Minutes to Change a Life

Do You Enjoy God?

I’m teaching through the New City Catechism on Wednesday nights with my youth, and last night we landed on Question Six: How Can We Glorify God?┬áIf you’re not familiar with catechesis, the process is simple: new initiates into the Christian faith are taken through a series of questions and answers designed to instill the essential… Continue reading Do You Enjoy God?

Wednesdays Are a Battleground

The Cure sang a catchy little ditty about “Friday, I’m In Love”, about the mindset of the singer towards his unseen amorous partner. The lyrics can seem a bit brutal, but the idea of certain days of the week mattering/feeling more or less than others is one with which I readily identify. Mainly because Wednesdays… Continue reading Wednesdays Are a Battleground

Raising A Better Tomorrow

Yesterday I received a question via my Stump the Chump page, and it was so intriguing that I’ve decided to write two posts about it. The first post is written from a general parenting perspective, and it can be found on my Patch blog. This is the other post, and I want to approach the… Continue reading Raising A Better Tomorrow