Sovereign God or Cosmic Janitor?

I have two Bible verses that have been bouncing around in my head for the past few days. I’ve read both before, and possibly have even seen them linked together in some context or another, but they suddenly converged this week and grabbed my attention. And not just grabbed my attention, but Jedi Mind-melded with… Continue reading Sovereign God or Cosmic Janitor?

Why Youth Need Apologetics

Questions. Everyone from the smartest minds in the largest universities to the simplest minds in the smallest towns have them. But there may be no other group as predisposed to asking them than teenagers. It’s actually a great paradox how an age group generally regarded as self-conscious and peer-pressured can suddenly become animated askers of… Continue reading Why Youth Need Apologetics

My Struggle Against Grace

The students at my church, whom I love dearly, whom I would gladly do just about anything for (except for the typical stupid-youth-pastor stuff), have organized multiple benefit events to help my family with medical expenses. No one in my family is deathly ill, as one might think whenever the terms “benefit” and “medical expenses”… Continue reading My Struggle Against Grace

God With Us

* This is the manuscript to my sermon from this morning. I delivered this message at my church, Chestnut Grove Baptist, for our final Advent candle – the Christ candle. I post it here for those who might be wondering, in the wake of current events, just where God is when we need Him. *… Continue reading God With Us

Their Pain, Our Joy

The Gospel of Matthew begins with some of the most horrific words in all of Scripture: “A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham…” Instantly you are thrown into one of those dreaded Bible lists, the kind that – if you’re reading in the King James Version –… Continue reading Their Pain, Our Joy