The Ubiquitous Reason Revealed

Chances are you’ve either heard someone say it or let the words fly across your own lips: “You know, things happen for a reason.” Ever notice how no one ever follows that statement up with any sort of an explanation? They just leave it hanging there, for you to figure out. Yeah, cause if you… Continue reading The Ubiquitous Reason Revealed

You’re Not As Weird As You Think

You’re not as weird as you think you are. How do I know this? Simple statistics. 84% of people like the smell of their feet. 23% of people eat their own boogers. 36% of people consistently misspell the word “misspell.” 1 out of every 3 Americans has a stopwatch that doesn’t work. At least 100… Continue reading You’re Not As Weird As You Think

The Occasional, Nonsensical Post

Haven’t posted in a while. Figured I should probably write something. But what? There’s so many different ideas that can flow through a person’s head on any given day, things that are funny and hilarious and probably should be written down before they’re forgotten, but all too often we just let those things slip away… Continue reading The Occasional, Nonsensical Post

The Lonely Life (or The Post of 1,000 Tags)

It’s a lonely life in my head. I spend a lot of time thinking, mostly about things, but often enough about stuff that one might affectionately call nothing. Effluvia. Flotsam. Jetsam. Trash. Junk. For example: Why does the hotel in which I’m currently staying not have a third or thirteenth floor? Why do people preen… Continue reading The Lonely Life (or The Post of 1,000 Tags)