The Anywhere Gospel

There were about 40 of them, seated on the grass or on benches, their shukas wrapped around their shoulders, their sticks and clubs near at hand. Men of the Maasai tribe listened as men from my tribe, the Joshua’s Men of 12Stone Church, spoke with them about American culture and customs. They shared their customs… Continue reading The Anywhere Gospel

Living a Better Story

Every day is its own story; with the rising of the sun comes conflict, twists, turns, and, if we’re paying attention, character development. The ultimate author of each day is God, but within our individual spheres, we are the ones at the keyboard. It is our will that shapes our days, filling them with something meaningful and… Continue reading Living a Better Story

A Love That Will Dance in Heaven

They met because his grandmother broke her hip, and Granny McCart being the neighborhood sympathy cook, she naturally needed help taking the collards, corn, beans and biscuits the two-and-a-half-mile walk down Lenora Road. And that’s how my grandmother walked into a little farm house one Tuesday evening and saw my grandfather, sleeves rolled up and… Continue reading A Love That Will Dance in Heaven

Revenge of the Flush-o-Matic…

I have to get this out there. I Tweeted it earlier, but it doesn’t do the story justice. So I’m in Walmart today purchasing needed supplies for our youth mission trip that I’m leading here in Brunswick, Georgia. This seaport city ain’t what she used to be, but she does have a fairly nice Wally-World.

Of Better Stories

A friend of mine, Jason Young, gave me a box of books lately, and one of the treasures I unearthed as I emptied my Huggies box-o-goodness (the official packing box of all parents) was Donald Miller‘s most recent title, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life. I was… Continue reading Of Better Stories