Taking Exception

This morning, in between fetching my kids glasses of milk and trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment for Ella, I took a few minutes to read an interesting email exchange between the writers Malcolm Gladwell and Bill Simmons. The exchange was part of an article for the website Grantland, and it was ostensibly about how… Continue reading Taking Exception

Misery’s Hometown

In case the nasty weather, Republican primaries, spiraling deficit or the Oscars didn’t already make you feel like a snail’s slime trail, the good editors at Forbes have a little something to help you completely over the edge of the cliff. Behold, Atlanta – the most miserable sports city in the United States. That’s right,… Continue reading Misery’s Hometown

Tebow or Not Tebow?

Let me start this blog of by admitting that I kind of like Tim Tebow, and that my admiration would perhaps run deeper had he not attended and played for the University of Florida. And let me also say that by his association with that particular penitentiary – uh, university – Tim Tebow proves that… Continue reading Tebow or Not Tebow?

Fox Network Hates Jesus (Surprise!)

Okay – ordinarily, I’d not touch this one. What Fox Broadcasting wants to run on their Super Bowl broadcast is their business (literally), and if they say that an ad doesn’t meet their broadcast standards, then that’s that. According to David Gibson and other media reports, they’ve rejected at least two potential commericals for, as… Continue reading Fox Network Hates Jesus (Surprise!)