True Piety

So yesterday, I asked for some folks to submit questions or topics for the blog. I got a good response (exactly three!) and wanted to tackle one today. The question was simple: Is the pious pious because God loves it, or does God love the pious because it’s pious? I’m not entirely certain what the… Continue reading True Piety

So Tiny, So Strong

Ella’s surgery went surprisingly well today. She was in and out of the operating room in under 20 minutes, and while she did sleep in post-op for about an hour and a half, she exhibited no real signs of pain. She’s eaten like a horse, however, and we should have seen it coming. All morning… Continue reading So Tiny, So Strong

Signs Your Kid Might Be Gifted (Or A Serial Killer)

Watching my children play often reminds me just how bright and exceptional they are. Of course, this does not mean that my children are particularly bright and exceptional, as most parents tend to feel this way about their offspring. I’ve never really run into anyone who’s ever said, “You know, I love my kid, but… Continue reading Signs Your Kid Might Be Gifted (Or A Serial Killer)