The Queen Has Returned!

It was a bit of strange week last week, which, if you read any of my previous blogs (like this one or this one or this one) is code for: my kids kicked my butt without my wife around. It was bad. I told Rachel last night that when it comes to being a single […]

Father-of-the-Year! (Won’t Be Me…)

So today’s been fine. Up until nap time. Jon fell asleep early and then woke up a couple of times crying for Rachel. Considering I was really hoping for a small nap myself, I was not the least bit happy with his sudden onset of “mommy-sickness.” I found myself grumbling as I rocked him, and […]

Day Four – I GOT This…(Uh, Not Really)

So today I felt like the world’s greatest dad. Got the kids ready on time, managed the day fairly well with regards to meeting some deadlines and appointments, even prepared a home-made beef tips and rice dinner complete with microwaved broccoli with cheese sauce. I even arranged for a fantastic sitter to stay with the […]

The Passage of Time

Today has been a good day (so far). Ella woke me up as usual, right at 7:00, by flushing the toilet in my bathroom. I don’t know why she’s suddenly decided that her bathroom is off-limits for pottying in the early morn, but I’m hoping she’ll break the habit once Rachel comes back. Of course, […]