A Whole New World

So we went on vacation last week with the kids. Took our first for-real family vacation to Saint Simons Island. Rented a little house. Kicked it on the beach. Enjoyed walking around the Village at Saint Simons Pier, getting lemonade at Zuzu’s, and just taking a break from everything that’s been going on in my… Continue reading A Whole New World

Why “Toy Story 3” Makes Me Cry Every Time

My children love movies (as I’ve written before; that post, by the way, still gets over 100 original views a day on average, far and away the most popular post I’ve ever typed!). So it was business as usual when Jon wanted to plop in front of the TV this morning and watch Toy Story… Continue reading Why “Toy Story 3” Makes Me Cry Every Time

Guest Post: Pregnancy, Pain And Hope

Not too far from my house, inside the city limits of Loganville, there’s a street that looks rather rundown. A mixture of houses and mobile homes line the sides of this street, and when you drive down it with someone who’s never seen it, you can almost feel the uncertainty that suddenly takes over. It’s… Continue reading Guest Post: Pregnancy, Pain And Hope

The High School Lunchroom (Or, Social Darwinism At Its Apex)

I went and ate lunch with some high school students today (I was invited by one of the students from my church). I blogged about the entire adventure here, but there was one particular aspect that I felt worthy of exploring in more depth here on my personal blog. After 17 years of post-high school… Continue reading The High School Lunchroom (Or, Social Darwinism At Its Apex)

Ramblin’ Man

There‚Äôs something inherently insane about being fastened inside a 40,000 pound tube as it flings itself ground-ward towards a strip of asphalt no wider than a panel truck and surrounded by ice-covered patches of grass. It’s otherwordly, actually, a strange sensation of being inside of a movie, which is made even stranger by the fact… Continue reading Ramblin’ Man