How to Be Thankful

I struggle with being thankful, which sucks because, as a Christian, thankfulness is supposed to be a crucial piece of my life. I am grateful for the good things in my life — Rachel, Ella, Jon, an awesome job, great friends, a fantastic church — but thankfulness extends beyond just what we enjoy. It also… Continue reading How to Be Thankful

The Second-Hand Truth of the Gospel of Whomever

I had lunch with friend on Friday, and he said something that really stuck with me. Josh is a writer himself, so it’s no surprise he’s good with a turn of the phrase, but this one little gem has kept me spinning since we talked. “Too many Christians,” he said, “live on second-hand truth.” I… Continue reading The Second-Hand Truth of the Gospel of Whomever

What’s a Christian to Do?

Not too long ago, my friend and fellow Christian Kris Parker posted on one of my random Facebook posts that I should write something on the thirteenth chapter of the book of Romans. I believe I said something snarky in response, but the thought has lingered in the back of my mind the way leftover… Continue reading What’s a Christian to Do?