Unlike Twilight, Two Vampires That Are Actually Scary

Last week, during a rare kid-free day, I went with my wife to see the final installment of the Twilight franchise. It was part of an even rarer midday date that included lunch at Longhorn’s (which we got for free thanks to a gift card and an awesome coupon) and some Christmas shopping. Despite Bill… Continue reading Unlike Twilight, Two Vampires That Are Actually Scary

What the Bible Says About Ghosts

I’ve not posted anything this week because I’ve been busy researching the topic of this post for a message that I delivered to my students last night. With Halloween here, I’ve been talking to the youth about the existence of the supernatural, and specifically the evil forces within the supernatural realm. I mean, the month… Continue reading What the Bible Says About Ghosts

Someone’s Gonna Get Killed…

Tonight was “Spirit Night” for my daughter’s elementary school. The purpose of “Spirit Night” is to help kids get excited about going to their school by bribing them with fun nights where the family does something out of the norm. Tonight’s “Spirit Night” was at a local Chick-Fil-A, and may I say – it was… Continue reading Someone’s Gonna Get Killed…

Hello Kitty: The Last Day of Childhood

Tomorrow morning, I will wake up earlier than usual. I will most likely have to rouse my daughter from her bed and usher her into the kitchen, where we’ll begin our normal morning routine. Only it won’t be normal anymore. There will be changes. She won’t have the option of starting her day with her… Continue reading Hello Kitty: The Last Day of Childhood

My Wife, The Mama Bear

Most people wouldn’t think that tough comes in a package that looks like a Victoria’s Secret model but is sweeter than honey, but that’s okay – I know better. Not only does tough have a womanly figure, tough also has a great sense of humor, a keen sense of discernment, and some of the most… Continue reading My Wife, The Mama Bear