What the Bible Says About Ghosts

I’ve not posted anything this week because I’ve been busy researching the topic of this post for a message that I delivered to my students last night. With Halloween here, I’ve been talking to the youth about the existence of the supernatural, and specifically the evil forces within the supernatural realm. I mean, the month […]

When The Yellow Brick Road Runs Out

You spend most of your life not noticing it, but there are moments that burst into being to remind you that your life is made up of people. Not moments. Not memories. People. Your parents. Your spouse. Your kids. The people that help you define who you are. They are the ones who shape your […]

My Wife, The Mama Bear

Most people wouldn’t think that tough comes in a package that looks like a Victoria’s Secret model but is sweeter than honey, but that’s okay – I know better. Not only does tough have a womanly figure, tough also has a great sense of humor, a keen sense of discernment, and some of the most […]

The Most Horrible Sound In The World

There’s nothing that simultaneously frightens and nauseates a parent all at once quite like the following: It’s just past midnight, and you, having fitfully fought your way into a decent sleep, suddenly become aware of a long, low moan coming from your child’s bedroom. Surrounded by darkness, you sit up; your slow-waking brain struggles to […]