When the Magic of Christmas Dies

PARENT WARNING: This blog post is for parents only. Do not read this where your kids can see it. Don’t read it out loud to them, either (not that you would, but I’m trying to be thorough). In fact, bookmark this post and read it after the kids go to bed.   Christmas magic died… Continue reading When the Magic of Christmas Dies

When Christmas Sucks

This is a repost of a blog I wrote last year. After cruising through my social media feeds this morning, I felt like today was a good day to repost it. Feel free to share. Sometimes, Christmas sucks. It’s not a popular sentiment, I know, but I’ve seen a large number of Facebook posts this year… Continue reading When Christmas Sucks

God is Good, Life is Hard

“I heard something not too long ago,” my friend, Dawn Hood, said one day while we were chatting in her office over coffee. “God is good, life is hard. Don’t get the two confused.” If anyone would understand the power and wisdom in that statement, it would be Dawn; diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant,… Continue reading God is Good, Life is Hard

The Christian Humor-ectomy

This will have to be a fast post, as I’ve got several things to do this morning, but after reading some of the Tweets during last night’s S—r Bowl (don’t want to infringe the copyright), I have decided that many people of faith have a humor-ectomy at some point after their conversion. I’m not sure… Continue reading The Christian Humor-ectomy

He’ll Be Cheering Her On

I’m really tired, but I thought I would share this anyway. It won’t be long. I went to visit MawMaw this morning. She and my dad were sitting at the kitchen table, going over the visitor’s book from the funeral home. Page after page was filled with names. MawMaw was looking at each one and… Continue reading He’ll Be Cheering Her On