Words Are More Than Words, You Know…

Some days, you write for the world. Others, you write for yourself. Today is an Other. There’s a verse from the New Testament book of 2 Timothy, chapter 2, The Message translation (man, that’s a lot of modifiers) that keeps rolling around in my head. They form a song that is just stuck on a […]

In Defense of the Constitwotion

I’m tired. I spent last week with my students at camp, came home Saturday to some housework that needed to be done, and was the resident staff member at church on Sunday – which meant I preached Sunday morning and was on duty Sunday night. So forgive me if this comes off less eloquent than […]

People vs. Ideas

So I was scrolling through the old Facebook news feed this morning and saw a provocative post by our hometown Patch: “What do you think of Georgia’s waiver to the No Child Left Behind Law. Will this help our schools or hurt them? Anyone have an opinion I can use in a story on Loganville-Grayson […]