A Weird Way To Spend the Day

I spent this afternoon lying on my couch, under a blanket, watching my hometown Falcons beat the Detroit Lions. It was weird. Ordinarily, I don’t get to do this. Usually I’m either light on the afternoon free time because of church responsibilities, or if I have the time to watch a game I’m competing with […]

Going Home

I could spend a lot of time torturing out the metaphor of “going home”, but let’s just be honest: today I get to go home and see my wife and kids for the first time in days. Pretty soon, my grandfather could be going home too. Both homecomings will be sweet, both will be joyous, […]

Of the Truth and Pittsburgh’s Airport

Some Thoughts on the Human Race I spent the better part of my morning seated in the Pittsburgh airport, enjoying the silent descent of snow and the pleasure of free wi-fi. It was not like any other experience I’ve ever had in an airport: peaceful, in a way that modern life rarely is anymore. There […]