Look Towards Heaven and Home

Today, I lost one of the finest men I’ve ever known. I love you, Pop. There are so many things that fill your head when you watch someone you love pass away – fears; hopes; prayers. Your mind is aflame with a thousand different thoughts, a thousand different emotions, until you’re suddenly jerked back from… Continue reading Look Towards Heaven and Home

You Talk, I’ll Listen

After 62 years, you’d think the topics of conversation would be exhausted. Living with someone for 24 hours a day, you’d think you’d pretty much know what the other person is going to say. But one of the most wonderful things about human beings is our never-ending capacity to surprise; we are marvelous creatures, constantly… Continue reading You Talk, I’ll Listen

Saying Goodbye as Long as We Can

He sits, his feet gently dangling above the porch decking, his knees exposed to the sunlight, waiting to be burned. And as his friends approach he waves a welcoming hand and offers them a seat on the porch. “How’re you doin’, Harold?” the visitors inquire. “I’m doin’ just wonderful. Couldn’t be better.” He smiles, his… Continue reading Saying Goodbye as Long as We Can

Dancing In The Light Of Fireflies

I’m going to spend a lot of my time going to funerals over the next five years. A lot. I said as much to my brother, Ryan, yesterday before the funeral of one of our former pastors. He agreed with me. And as we looked around the church where we found ourselves, we could count… Continue reading Dancing In The Light Of Fireflies