To The Email Subscribers

This is my friend Nathan’s photo from Paris. I featured it in a post last night as a way of testing my new blog design. It looked so cool on the site, I thought it was perfect. Then, I was notified that those who subscribe via email got nothing in their inbox. Squat. Sigh. So…about […]

Christian Meme of the Week

Happy New Year! Since we’ve entered 2013, I’ve decided to add a new feature to the blog to stir conversation and give me a really lazy entry for at least one day of the week. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Christian Meme of the Week. If you have no idea what memes are, […]

A Collage of Awful Pictures of Myself

Life has sort of taken a serious turn the last few days, and my mind honestly needs a break. So, in a spirit of levity, I’ve come up with a fool-proof way of inducing fits of hysterical giggling, at least from other people. I’ve been going through family photos, and stumbled across something so hideous […]

Looking For Some Graphics Help…A LOT Of It

Perhaps you’ve noticed the cheeky little header image that tops every blog post on the old blog, the one reading “This Space For Rent.” No, I’m not trying to monetize my blog (though if you’re interested, gimme a call – I can use the cash…), I’m trying to send a message: I need help. Blogging […]