The King of Hide and Seek

I had coffee with a new friend yesterday, Phil Stevens of Bed Head Media – (you should go check out his work, it’s awesome). Phil was part of my mission team in Kenya, and we became fast friends. I can sometimes suck at building friendships, so the opportunity to connect with him on this side… Continue reading The King of Hide and Seek

No Sins But Our Own

More and more I become convinced that the biggest problem we have in American culture is our obsession with any sin that isn’t our own. Cecil the Lion. Planned Parenthood. Barack Obama. Donald Trump. The entire GOP presidential field. I get caught up in the hysteria. I’ve tweeted out things about certain cultural phenomena in an… Continue reading No Sins But Our Own

Why the Superman of ‘Man of Steel’ is the Jesus we wish Jesus would be

I wish I could have written this…but as I’ve not seen the new Man of Steel, I’m ignorant of both plot points and story. Jeff Jensen (aka @EWDocJensen) has written a great and thoughtful blog post for Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch blog. I encourage you to read it. There are some spoilers, so if you haven’t… Continue reading Why the Superman of ‘Man of Steel’ is the Jesus we wish Jesus would be

From Nietzsche …

From Nietzsche –

“The end of a melody is not its goal: but nonetheless, had the melody not reached its end it would not have reached its goal either. A parable.”

Been thinking a lot about endings recently. With graduation upon us and my own transition out of my role as a youth pastor, there are an awful lot of things coming to a tidy conclusion in my life.

Maybe you’re the same way. Maybe a big part of your journey is drawing to a close. Maybe a horrible time in your life is coming to an end. Maybe both are the same. Wherever you find yourself, this much I know:

Endings are necessary. They are good. They aren’t always happy. They aren’t always tidy. But they must happen for us to move forward, because that’s what it means to be human. To move forward. To grow. To change. To chance. Too often we forget that; too often we strive to be unchanging, sedentary, immovable and thus end up rebelling against our own selves. We aren’t static creatures because we lack the resources for it.

We are finite. And finitude means adaptation, and adaptation means changing things about ourselves, our circumstances and our lives as often as necessary.

So part of becoming who we are meant to be is letting go of one version of ourselves, or one time in our lives, and moving towards the next. We don’t live for the end, and I don’t really believe we stop at the end; I think each ending is for the moment, not for the one found within it.

Many thoughts. These are just a few.