In the Passenger’s Seat

Yesterday was a great day for my family. My brother invited us to an Atlanta Braves baseball game as part of my nephew’s birthday celebration (happy 6th birthday, Joey!), and the game started at 1:30. But before that, we were to meet at the world famous Varsity Drive-In for lunch at eleven. As it’s summer… Continue reading In the Passenger’s Seat

My Daughter’s Salvation

I can officially tell this story now. It’s been killing me for a couple of weeks, but I wanted to respect my daughter and only tell it once she’d had the chance to do so herself. Yesterday, at the close of our church service, during the invitation time, my daughter walked forward and told the… Continue reading My Daughter’s Salvation

The Weapon of Kindness

I don’t know how else to process what just happened. The only thing that makes sense to me is to blog about it, only I don’t want to blog in full detail because what if I’m wrong? What if the scenario I’m about to describe was real, even though every ounce of evidence I have… Continue reading The Weapon of Kindness

The Universal Particular

Went to a meeting today that was supposed to be about building community among local churches. I went because I believe this is a good thing for the church – to cooperate – and also because I was curious to see who else in my community was interested in that kind of idea. Not a… Continue reading The Universal Particular

30 Years of Obedience: A Profile of Rev. Tommy Jordan

“I thank God for the Unseen Hand, sometime urging me onward, sometimes holding me back; sometimes with a caress of approval, sometimes with a stroke of reproof; sometimes correcting, sometimes comforting. My times are in his hand.” – Vance Havner In 1981, I was five years old and obsessed with Star Wars. Ronald Reagan was… Continue reading 30 Years of Obedience: A Profile of Rev. Tommy Jordan