Quid Est Veritas? (What Is Truth?)

***Just after I wrote this post, Trayvon’s mother spoke to the media regarding her belief that the shooting was an accident.*** It’s the question Pilate asked of Jesus, even though he didn’t wait for an answer, and it’s the question a lot of folks seem to be asking in regards to the Trayvon Martin shooting:… Continue reading Quid Est Veritas? (What Is Truth?)

Law & Order: SVU and the Power of Parenting

So the past few days, Ella has been complaining that she doesn’t want to go to school anymore. She doesn’t like learning. She would just rather stay at home and veg out with Mommy (as if Rachel just sits on the couch all day…). Basically, the child has been dropping hints like a Pinto drops… Continue reading Law & Order: SVU and the Power of Parenting

Insomniac’s Internet Report

I couldn’t sleep last night, a fact you might have guessed given the blog’s suddenly new appearance (Side Note: can I help it if WordPress finally produced a free theme almost exactly like I’ve been wanting? I saw this last night and got giddy). To pass the time, and to prevent my insomnia from infecting… Continue reading Insomniac’s Internet Report