Independence Everyday

Today is the Fourth of July, the annual day when America stops to celebrate itself. And we’ve much to celebrate – one of the youngest and yet most influential nations on the planet, we are pretty much the geopolitical equivalent of the Millennials: we came into the game early, believed we belonged, proved ourselves despite […]

The Ethics of the Tooth Fairy

What you’re about to read happened a while back, but I didn’t have the mental energy necessary to post on it, so it’s just sort of sat in the back of my mind. Writer’s block sort of sucks that way. But, I know that the best way to beat the block is to keep writing, […]

They Call Me the Easter Rabbit…

With Easter only a few days away, and the annual egg hunt/massive sugar high drawing nearer, it seems appropriate to share this rare interview with you. I’ve kept this transcript quiet because the subject of the interview doesn’t really like publicity. But, after speaking with his agent, I’ve secured permission to reproduce the interview transcript […]