Thank You, Chuck Klosterman

I’ve only recently discovered writer Chuck Klosterman, thanks mostly to his amazing work on the hybrid site Grantland (brought to you by Subway and Klondike bars, which should tell you something about the site’s target audience). Since reading several of Klosterman’s Grantland pieces, I’ve branched out to his books. I liked Eating the Dinosaur. I’ve only just checked out Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a True Story.

So I’m still deciding on whether I’m ready to put him next to David Foster Wallace, Bill Simmons, and Malcolm Gladwell on my non-fiction writers Mount Rushmore (a concept, conveniently, that I stole from Bill Simmons himself – you have to scroll down to the question about the Mount Rushmore of Rap).

The following YouTube link, from Klosterman’s most recent Grantland piece, may have just cemented my undying love for him. Is there anything better than a Michael Jackson Medley on a Keytar?

Thank you, Chuck Klosterman. You made my day.