The Anywhere Gospel

There were about 40 of them, seated on the grass or on benches, their shukas wrapped around their shoulders, their sticks and clubs near at hand. Men of the Maasai tribe listened as men from my tribe, the Joshua’s Men of 12Stone Church, spoke with them about American culture and customs. They shared their customs… Continue reading The Anywhere Gospel

To Discover What Makes a Man

I have always struggled with what it means to be a man. The typical manly virtues I learned growing up never applied to me: I wasn’t tall, rugged, handsome. I didn’t have broad shoulders and large hands. I didn’t excel at sports or enjoy hunting and killing. In so many ways, I fell short of… Continue reading To Discover What Makes a Man

Putting Up Walls

While the rest of the inhabited universe is talking about Sunday Sales or Super Tuesday victories or the festering verbal manure of Rush Limbaugh, I thought I would share with you fine folks a little snippet from my weekend. Seems we could use a little good news. This past weekend was Disciple NOW weekend for… Continue reading Putting Up Walls

A Blur of Mini-blogs

Since I have thoroughly sucked lately at keeping this blog updated, I’m thinking it might be time for a series of micro-blogs–short, to the point ramblings on whatever happens to be tooling around in my head. There’s a lot going up there these days, and there’s just not enough time to chase every thought down… Continue reading A Blur of Mini-blogs