The Weapon of Kindness

I don’t know how else to process what just happened. The only thing that makes sense to me is to blog about it, only I don’t want to blog in full detail because what if I’m wrong? What if the scenario I’m about to describe was real, even though every ounce of evidence I have… Continue reading The Weapon of Kindness

Wednesdays Are a Battleground

The Cure sang a catchy little ditty about “Friday, I’m In Love”, about the mindset of the singer towards his unseen amorous partner. The lyrics can seem a bit brutal, but the idea of certain days of the week mattering/feeling more or less than others is one with which I readily identify. Mainly because Wednesdays… Continue reading Wednesdays Are a Battleground

Why Youth Need Apologetics

Questions. Everyone from the smartest minds in the largest universities to the simplest minds in the smallest towns have them. But there may be no other group as predisposed to asking them than teenagers. It’s actually a great paradox how an age group generally regarded as self-conscious and peer-pressured can suddenly become animated askers of… Continue reading Why Youth Need Apologetics

Human Too

I’ve written a lot about what it means to be human. It’s one of my favorite subjects, because it’s endlessly fascinating; the idea that we, the human race, so varied and multifaceted in our makeup, still share so much in common – well, it’s a writer’s dream. Usually, my observations come from reading things people… Continue reading Human Too

Dear Graduate: Here’s Your Chance to Make a Movie

Usually, I use this forum as a way of expressing myself. Today, though brief, this post is to help out other people. I formerly worked for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries as a writer and project manager, and one of the major projects in development during my time there was the ASK Curriculum, an apologetics curriculum… Continue reading Dear Graduate: Here’s Your Chance to Make a Movie