When Books Get Tiring

I’m a reader. Love to read. Love to read so much that I currently have a stack of books on my office floor that is approximately 5 feet in height. Love to read so much that almost all of the wall space in my office is filled with bookshelves, and those bookshelves are crammed full […]

A Collage of Awful Pictures of Myself

Life has sort of taken a serious turn the last few days, and my mind honestly needs a break. So, in a spirit of levity, I’ve come up with a fool-proof way of inducing fits of hysterical giggling, at least from other people. I’ve been going through family photos, and stumbled across something so hideous […]

Hello Kitty: The Last Day of Childhood

Tomorrow morning, I will wake up earlier than usual. I will most likely have to rouse my daughter from her bed and usher her into the kitchen, where we’ll begin our normal morning routine. Only it won’t be normal anymore. There will be changes. She won’t have the option of starting her day with her […]

For Her Own Good…I Hope

Tomorrow morning, my daughter Ella will undergo a relatively simple surgical procedure to have her adenoids taken out. Apparently, they are just this side of Congress in terms of causing problems for people like my daughter. The doctor says the procedure will take only a few minutes at the most, will leave a relatively short […]