As Much As I Love Her

This is a picture of my wife and I kissing. Yeah, underneath all of that flour and chocolate syrup and whatever flying insects managed to get trapped in the goo are myself and my bride, Rachel. We volunteered to be human sundaes if the kids at our VBS could raise $1800 for a mission project. […]

Dream Woman

Wednesday, some of the students I work with at the Grayson High School Christian Learning Center asked what was my most embarrassing moment. As a life-long goober, that’s like asking Michelle Duggard to pick her favorite kid: there’s just too many to choose from. However, one of my church students called out, “Tell them about […]

The Most Excellent Way

No, the title isn’t in reference to Bill and Ted, or their Excellent Adventure. It’s from a very famous writing. But more on that in a moment. It’s Valentine’s Day. Somewhere between the cheesy pick-up lines (“Is there a ninja in your pants? ‘Cuz your booty’s kickin’!”) and the warmed-over schmaltz (“No, I love you […]

Please: I’m Wearing A Ring

I took my son to the local Barnes & Nobles today so he could play with their Thomas the Tank Engine railroad set and I could have five minutes of peace (turned out to be forty-five…let’s hear it for the germ-infested petri dish that is the communal play area!). Jon’s a great player – he’s […]

He’ll Be Cheering Her On

I’m really tired, but I thought I would share this anyway. It won’t be long. I went to visit MawMaw this morning. She and my dad were sitting at the kitchen table, going over the visitor’s book from the funeral home. Page after page was filled with names. MawMaw was looking at each one and […]