“Breaking Dawn” Is Coming Soon

I couldn’t think of anything to really write today. It’s just been one of those days. It seemed like my post-everyday-goal was going to bite it again this week. Until I came home from the gym. My wife, my beloved, wonderful wife, was lying in bed with the laptop open, cruising the Internet. “Whatcha looking… Continue reading “Breaking Dawn” Is Coming Soon

Emily Dickinson Is Overrated (Or, How to Break Up With Your Book)

Books are a lot like people. Some we hold near and dear to our bosom, others we hold at a close distance with great fondness but no need for connection. And still others we hide in certain corners, only to be flirted with when we are sure we’re ready, when we’ve got our A-game together and there will be no innocent bloodshed.

New Year, New Dreams

I don’t remember the exact date I read first read the poem, but I remember its resonance. I know that I was in high school and our senior lit teacher Mrs. Williams was trying to get us into American poetry of the early 20th Century. After months of American poets from the 19th Century, it… Continue reading New Year, New Dreams

The Most Influential Book Ever

I’d never heard of Gary Wills until Robert Siegel interviewed him on NPR’s “All Things Considered” the other day. I listened because I was in the car on the way home, and NPR is the best thing for preventing high blood pressure in Atlanta traffic. Also, I like Robert Siegel’s voice – there’s something about… Continue reading The Most Influential Book Ever

Thank You, Walter and Patty Berglund

So I’ve been sitting in the hospital again all day, waiting while Rachel undergoes the second of her preventative surgeries, this one to remove the expanders and insert the permanent implants in her breasts. I’ve listened to the stories of the people around me, overheard some conversations whose participants were not concerned about others hearing,… Continue reading Thank You, Walter and Patty Berglund