Father and Son

This has been a hectic week: it’s the annual Vacation Bible School for my church, which means I have been parading around for about 200 kids, leading them in silly songs and dances and offering my public humiliation as an incentive for them to give towards a worthy cause. The VBS curriculum calls my position,… Continue reading Father and Son

What the Picture Contains: Family Photos and the Essence of the Soul

Last Thursday night, long after the family had gathered and shared a meal, long after the lights in all of the neighboring houses had gone out, my grandmother and her children sat down to discuss the future. My grandfather’s funeral. His burial. His estate. Well into the early hours of Friday they discussed the things… Continue reading What the Picture Contains: Family Photos and the Essence of the Soul

Ghosts I Never Knew

The house is quiet. Jonathan’s asleep, Rachel’s out running an errand, Ella’s not yet home from school. I’m all alone in my room. It’s the perfect time to let the ghosts have free reign. Here’s one from 1948. My grandmother, standing outside the rock building at Grayson Elementary school. She’s holding a basketball, in full… Continue reading Ghosts I Never Knew

Leaving a Legacy

I’m just going to start this little blog post and then send it out into cyberspace, knowing that I’ll have to come back and rewrite or add or possibly even turn it into a book. Who knows? But I just got done reading the blog of one of my former students, Abbie Reynolds (yes, I… Continue reading Leaving a Legacy