Birth of a Saleswoman

I’ve not posted on the exploits of Ella in good while, so I thought I share her latest adventure with you. As you might recall, she started Kindergarten this year, and so far she’s loved every minute. At least, I think she has. I wouldn’t know – she won’t talk about school. It’s like she’s… Continue reading Birth of a Saleswoman

Ella’s First Day: The Movie

I’ve made the build up to Ella’s first day of school a tad bit dramatic, according to my wife. So it’s only fair that, on the heels of such an accusation, I offer some proof of just how dramatic the day was. If you’re not a movie fan, then feel free to read the book… Continue reading Ella’s First Day: The Movie

Miss Ella Goes to Kindergarten

Ella started school today. I woke up at six, got the coffee going, staggered around a little bit. The anxiety level was low, in part because of the unbelievably early hour. I heard Rachel scuttling around, getting ready for the big morning, and around 6:15 I went into Ella’s room and woke her up. “What… Continue reading Miss Ella Goes to Kindergarten

Hello Kitty: The Last Day of Childhood

Tomorrow morning, I will wake up earlier than usual. I will most likely have to rouse my daughter from her bed and usher her into the kitchen, where we’ll begin our normal morning routine. Only it won’t be normal anymore. There will be changes. She won’t have the option of starting her day with her… Continue reading Hello Kitty: The Last Day of Childhood

The Kindergarten Round-Up

This morning I volunteered to serve as a registration helper in Ella’s kindergarten classroom. It was the annual school registration day, when all of the kids and their parents parade through the school and fill out more paperwork than a standard home mortgage application, while simultaneously being recruited for 10,000 different clubs and volunteer programs… Continue reading The Kindergarten Round-Up