Independence Everyday

Today is the Fourth of July, the annual day when America stops to celebrate itself. And we’ve much to celebrate – one of the youngest and yet most influential nations on the planet, we are pretty much the geopolitical equivalent of the Millennials: we came into the game early, believed we belonged, proved ourselves despite… Continue reading Independence Everyday

The Myth of Independence

No, that’s not just a “pee in someone’s Cheerios” blog title, cynically posted to stir up traffic on the most sacred of our secular American holidays. It’s a legitimate thought that I can and will back up in my post. But – it certainly got your attention didn’t it? Such is the power of the… Continue reading The Myth of Independence

Dang It Jefferson, We Wanted It To Read “We the Homies…”

Today on, a fascinating bit of history came to light in the form of a hyperspectral imaging discovery on a rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. For those who thought hyperspectral imaging had something to do with ADHD ghosts, let me explain: basically you take really old documents and pass them under the… Continue reading Dang It Jefferson, We Wanted It To Read “We the Homies…”