A Whole New World

So we went on vacation last week with the kids. Took our first for-real family vacation to Saint Simons Island. Rented a little house. Kicked it on the beach. Enjoyed walking around the Village at Saint Simons Pier, getting lemonade at Zuzu’s, and just taking a break from everything that’s been going on in my… Continue reading A Whole New World

Children Need A Legacy Of Dreams

Spend enough time with small children and you’ll learn an awful lot about the power of the imagination. My daughter has dual citizenship in the real world and her dream world, and she’s not alone: watch most kids who are younger than second or third grade and you’ll see that the worlds they inhabit aren’t… Continue reading Children Need A Legacy Of Dreams

To My Daughter Upon Her Preschool Graduation

Dear Ella – Last night we celebrated your graduation from preschool in grand style. You were fantastic during the graduation ceremony, so cute beneath your tiny mortarboard cap as you reservedly sang the scheduled songs. I almost made it through the ceremony without crying (a true feat for your dad), until the slideshow with your… Continue reading To My Daughter Upon Her Preschool Graduation