The Five People You Meet On The Internet*

*With apologies to Mitch Albom. One of the inescapable facts of life these days is the internet. You go there to find leads on jobs. You go there for the news. You go there to connect with friends and family you might not otherwise hear from. It’s quickly become not just part of our world,… Continue reading The Five People You Meet On The Internet*

Stop the Band, Kill the Noise

About every six months or so, I get awfully tempted to become a real blogger, the kind that generates thousands of daily hits and tons of followers on Twitter. I make a deal with myself to sit down and craft content that will draw eyes and ire, generate reblogs and rebukes, and just in general… Continue reading Stop the Band, Kill the Noise

Thou Shalt Not Send Bogus Emails

I have several different email accounts with different providers. I mainly use Google’s Gmail because I like the functionality of it, but I also have a Yahoo! account, a Rocketmail account, and I think I might even still have a Hotmail account floating around somewhere. But despite the many different accounts, one thing remains constant between them all: the amount… Continue reading Thou Shalt Not Send Bogus Emails

The Kindergarten Round-Up

This morning I volunteered to serve as a registration helper in Ella’s kindergarten classroom. It was the annual school registration day, when all of the kids and their parents parade through the school and fill out more paperwork than a standard home mortgage application, while simultaneously being recruited for 10,000 different clubs and volunteer programs… Continue reading The Kindergarten Round-Up

Insomniac’s Internet Report

I couldn’t sleep last night, a fact you might have guessed given the blog’s suddenly new appearance (Side Note: can I help it if WordPress finally produced a free theme almost exactly like I’ve been wanting? I saw this last night and got giddy). To pass the time, and to prevent my insomnia from infecting… Continue reading Insomniac’s Internet Report