What the Heart Hopes For

A heartbeat. A breath. That’s the line. And as fine as it is, most of us never realize how close we walk it. Tonight, my grandfather performs a high-wire act from a hospice bed, precariously teetering over the Great Beyond like a lunatic daredevil. It’s a dance, almost, a back-and-forth between here and eternity, and […]

A Heart So Big

I had a curriculum meeting at Ella’s school tonight, so I stopped in at MawMaw and Pop’s in the middle of the afternoon. Pop was lying in bed, sleeping, and MawMaw was visiting with my cousin Chasity. Pop looked better, but only because he had his glasses on and his teeth in; apparently, he woke […]

But What Will I Do When He’s Gone?

My brother wrote a blog today about my grandfather, entitled, When the Journey’s Over. Inspired by Pop’s rather precipitous decline, it fanned into flame something that’s been lingering since Saturday. Then, when I talked to my wife on the phone this evening, she said something that turned that flame into a forest fire. “You know,” […]