Reshaping Christmas

In 1893, a struggling author brought a manuscript to his publisher for consideration. Despite the author’s previous successes, the publisher rejected the newest manuscript because, in the publisher’s estimation, the book would never sell. Undaunted, the author took it on himself to publish the book. Using money that he didn’t have, he commissioned an artist… Continue reading Reshaping Christmas

Overlooked, He Overcame

It hurts to be overlooked. This morning I received a very polite rejection email for a job to which I don’t remember applying. After racking my brain for a few minutes, I remembered the position – a writer for a non-profit organization – and re-read the email. It read, in essence, like this: “Dear Jason… Continue reading Overlooked, He Overcame

When Christmas Sucks

This is a repost of a blog I wrote last year. After cruising through my social media feeds this morning, I felt like today was a good day to repost it. Feel free to share. Sometimes, Christmas sucks. It’s not a popular sentiment, I know, but I’ve seen a large number of Facebook posts this year… Continue reading When Christmas Sucks

The Best Christmas Novelty Songs. Seriously. The Best. Ever.

I think it’s found in Jeph Loeb’s unbelievably awesome The Long Halloween, but the single greatest panel in comic book history shows the Joker, tiptoeing through the empty house of Harvey Dent, wearing a Santa hat and goofily singing the following to himself: Jingle bells, Batman smells Robin laid and egg The Batmobile lost a… Continue reading The Best Christmas Novelty Songs. Seriously. The Best. Ever.

Consider the Christmas Gift

With Christmas literally only a few days away, the most natural thing to write about would be some aspect of the birth of Christ. Because of my pastoral background, it would be easy to examine the angels and their message to the shepherds, or to spend time pondering the shepherds themselves. I’ve written sermons about the… Continue reading Consider the Christmas Gift