Monster Fighters

So I’m sitting here this morning, listening to Jon and Ella play. Over and over Ella keeps emphasizing to Jon that the figures they are playing with are “monster fighters – they fight monsters so normal people don’t have to.” Anytime that declaration is made, it is quickly followed by a series of “Hi-yah! Bam! […]

Quick Question

I have the Question page at the top of the blog, a personal hope that from time to time people would give me ideas to write on. It gets used infrequently (and that’s being charitable), so I’m going to ask those of you who follow the blog to take advantage of it and help me […]

Human Too

I’ve written a lot about what it means to be human. It’s one of my favorite subjects, because it’s endlessly fascinating; the idea that we, the human race, so varied and multifaceted in our makeup, still share so much in common – well, it’s a writer’s dream. Usually, my observations come from reading things people […]

A Blur of Mini-blogs

Since I have thoroughly sucked lately at keeping this blog updated, I’m thinking it might be time for a series of micro-blogs–short, to the point ramblings on whatever happens to be tooling around in my head. There’s a lot going up there these days, and there’s just not enough time to chase every thought down […]