Good News

I could wax poetic I suppose, but I’m more interested in just maintaining the discipline of keeping up the blog and writing daily. And given how the day turned out, I don’t have enough energy to really put a lot into this post. Ella’s tests came back normal. Nothing that suggested any kind of defects.… Continue reading Good News

Getting My Head Examined

Have you ever thought about what’s inside your head? Random question for a Friday, but it’s kind of where my mind is at. (And after yesterday’s post on politics, I’d rather tongue-bathe the monkey cage at Zoo Atlanta than write about anything political today.) Today, I went and got my head examined. They strapped me… Continue reading Getting My Head Examined

Small Sorrows

That nick on your dining room table. The way your carpet bunches near the corner. Over there, next to your cookbooks? Yeah, that’s a crack in the counter top that seems to get wider every day. Your car wheezes to life instead of roaring. Every time the weather changes, you or your kids get sick… Continue reading Small Sorrows