Overlooked, He Overcame

It hurts to be overlooked. This morning I received a very polite rejection email for a job to which I don’t remember applying. After racking my brain for a few minutes, I remembered the position – a writer for a non-profit organization – and re-read the email. It read, in essence, like this: “Dear Jason… Continue reading Overlooked, He Overcame

Falling Down

I fell through the ceiling in my hallway tonight. I was carrying a stupidly heavy box of books from my packed up office (a box that was so I heavy I actually thought to myself: I should probably just leave these downstairs), and since my attic doesn’t have decking (but does have a high number… Continue reading Falling Down

Because Life Is Hard

I had this dream last night: I was younger, probably in my early 20s, and was a prisoner in some strange cabin in the woods. There were other children there with me, also prisoners, and we were abused mentally and physically by multiple overseers. As the oldest captive, I felt a big-brother connection to the… Continue reading Because Life Is Hard

Day Four – I GOT This…(Uh, Not Really)

So today I felt like the world’s greatest dad. Got the kids ready on time, managed the day fairly well with regards to meeting some deadlines and appointments, even prepared a home-made beef tips and rice dinner complete with microwaved broccoli with cheese sauce. I even arranged for a fantastic sitter to stay with the… Continue reading Day Four – I GOT This…(Uh, Not Really)