How to Be Thankful

I struggle with being thankful, which sucks because, as a Christian, thankfulness is supposed to be a crucial piece of my life. I am grateful for the good things in my life — Rachel, Ella, Jon, an awesome job, great friends, a fantastic church — but thankfulness extends beyond just what we enjoy. It also […]


I know nobody will read this one, but I don’t care. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for: – a house. – two good cars. – plenty of clothes. – plenty of food. – plenty of family. – plenty of friends. – a good job. – a good church. – freedom. – health. – […]

A Red, White and Blue Heart

I had a special guest speak to the students on Wednesday night. I won’t mention his name here because when I spoke well of him on Wednesday, he smiled, shook my hand, and whispered, “I’ll get you for that” – so this post probably won’t make him too happy either. I’m going to share one […]

I’d Like to Say Thank You…

I just read an article about the 10 Ways Writers Lose Blog Traffic and Alienate Readers. Despite some people who think my blog is merely a little hobby, I take writing very seriously and still have ambitions towards being published, and maintaining this blog is an important part of arriving at that goal. So when […]