A Veteran Explains Trump

David Brown and I go way back. Like, over 35 years back. He lived next door to me when I was a kid, and we were fast friends. I spent many an afternoon or weekend either at his house, or hosting him at mine. We didn’t have everything in common, but that didn’t stop us… Continue reading A Veteran Explains Trump

Refugees, Romans, and Trusting God

Now that we’ve thankfully moved past the Starbucks Christmas cup debacle, the American Church is facing a new and actually pressing crisis: the Syrian refugees. Without getting into the politics of it all, the question I keep seeing hashed out is simple. Should America accept Syrian refugees? My answer (and this is my opinion) is… Continue reading Refugees, Romans, and Trusting God

Fear Is Our Native Tongue

Yesterday, someone blew up the finish line of the Boston Marathon. What once was a foreign thought – the idea that anyone would dare attack our country and its citizens – has become commonplace. Once again we turn on the news, or log on to our favorite website, and we see images of horror, bloodshed,… Continue reading Fear Is Our Native Tongue

The Sad Truth of November 7th

I usually try and do a journalistic-style lead-in to my blog posts, but today I’m going to cut right to the chase: November 7th is going to be just another day. There will be no bells ringing, not massive parades through the streets. Taps won’t suddenly flow wine and your food will still taste the… Continue reading The Sad Truth of November 7th

Whither PBS?

Like a lot of folks, I watched parts of the presidential debate last week. I say parts because most of my viewing came during commercial breaks of “Restaurant: Impossible”, a show I can’t get enough of. I love the concept of someone with skills and expertise being given the opportunity to come in and fix… Continue reading Whither PBS?