Good to Give

Saturday afternoon the kids and I went through their playroom for the annual pre-Christmas purge. (It’s kind of a tradition, though some years it’s more of a post-Christmas purge.) We dump all of the toys on the floor and the kids go through them and pick out a handful they want to keep. It’s an… Continue reading Good to Give

My Daughter’s Valentine

For the past couple of days my daughter, Ella, has been on a covert mission. She’s pulled her mother aside for numerous private conversations, whispered into her brother’s ear countless times, and just been furtive in general. Finally, last night, she filled me in on the CIA-level spywork. “Daddy, this year, I’m giving you a… Continue reading My Daughter’s Valentine

Satisfaction You Can Feel

Saturday night, while I was running media for my church’s dessert theater performance, the nice people of FedEx dropped off a package at my house that made me exceptionally happy. It was merely a little brown cardboard box, nothing of size or particular importance, but when I saw that plain little package, my heart did… Continue reading Satisfaction You Can Feel

The Maze of You

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There’s no one on earth that is you-er than you!” – Dr. Seuss I sometimes wonder if I’m insane. I have a tendency, a nasty, weird tendency, to think of myself as still a child. As a youngster. As someone who isn’t taken seriously as an… Continue reading The Maze of You

A Heart So Big

I had a curriculum meeting at Ella’s school tonight, so I stopped in at MawMaw and Pop’s in the middle of the afternoon. Pop was lying in bed, sleeping, and MawMaw was visiting with my cousin Chasity. Pop looked better, but only because he had his glasses on and his teeth in; apparently, he woke… Continue reading A Heart So Big