The King of Hide and Seek

I had coffee with a new friend yesterday, Phil Stevens of Bed Head Media – (you should go check out his work, it’s awesome). Phil was part of my mission team in Kenya, and we became fast friends. I can sometimes suck at building friendships, so the opportunity to connect with him on this side… Continue reading The King of Hide and Seek

SHS Class of ’92: Come Together

It’s been 18 years since I graduated from Shiloh High School. I have assiduously avoided all attempts at class reunions, so it’s ironic that I’m writing about a reunion for a class that isn’t even mine. But I have fond memories of the Class of ’92, and their 20th reunion is right around the corner… Continue reading SHS Class of ’92: Come Together

Slick Father’s Day

I’ve had this blog post rambling around in my head for over six months now, and today I’m finally going to write it. I’ve wrestled with this one because it’s about a person I consider family, but we’re not blood related. In fact, we don’t really see one another that often (Facebook helps, but only… Continue reading Slick Father’s Day

Dream Woman

Wednesday, some of the students I work with at the Grayson High School Christian Learning Center asked what was my most embarrassing moment. As a life-long goober, that’s like asking Michelle Duggard to pick her favorite kid: there’s just too many to choose from. However, one of my church students called out, “Tell them about… Continue reading Dream Woman