Just Like Dad

Sunday is Father’s Day. Do your dad a favor – don’t go the tie route. Get him something nifty, like an electric razor or some boxer shorts. You know: show a little creativity in your choice of banal, inexpensive gifts! After all, dad will pretend to like whatever you buy him, so why put in […]

Father and Son

This has been a hectic week: it’s the annual Vacation Bible School for my church, which means I have been parading around for about 200 kids, leading them in silly songs and dances and offering my public humiliation as an incentive for them to give towards a worthy cause. The VBS curriculum calls my position, […]

The Little Head Nuzzled

I spent the morning with Jon so Rachel could go and volunteer in Ella’s classroom. We intended to keep the day fairly simple: drop off a prescription, then head to the park for some well-deserved time on the playground equipment. The prescription part was standard issue – walk in, hand over the piece of paper, […]

“That My Daddy!”

We were heading into Kroger. I was in a hurry – I needed to buy stuff for lunch and get Jonathan home in plenty of time for his nap, then eat, then work a little more on my message for tonight – so I was admittedly not in the mood to dawdle. I wanted in, […]

But What Will I Do When He’s Gone?

My brother wrote a blog today about my grandfather, entitled, When the Journey’s Over. Inspired by Pop’s rather precipitous decline, it fanned into flame something that’s been lingering since Saturday. Then, when I talked to my wife on the phone this evening, she said something that turned that flame into a forest fire. “You know,” […]