The Anywhere Gospel

There were about 40 of them, seated on the grass or on benches, their shukas wrapped around their shoulders, their sticks and clubs near at hand. Men of the Maasai tribe listened as men from my tribe, the Joshua’s Men of 12Stone Church, spoke with them about American culture and customs. They shared their customs… Continue reading The Anywhere Gospel

To Those Who Wish To Go Away

It’s a Saturday, so I’m safe writing this. Here in Georgia, the sun is shining and people are busying themselves by the pool. In the midwest, they’re trying to recover from yesterday’s terrible storms. In California, they’re…well, they’re doing whatever people in California do. Bottom line: nobody reads blogs on a Saturday. There’s too much… Continue reading To Those Who Wish To Go Away

Beyond The Walls

Yesterday afternoon I found myself balancing on two rocks, trying desperately not to fall into the Chattahoochee River. I was also trying hard not to drop the young man in my arms. Before you freak out, let me explain: I was baptizing him. See, once upon a time, the young man came to my youth… Continue reading Beyond The Walls

Understanding Our Current Culture

**This is the manuscript from my sermon/lesson/seminar that I gave at my church last night. It was a bit heavy on the details, so a few people asked me to post it on the blog today. I’ve not edited it any, so it’s a bit long, but if you want to get the crux of… Continue reading Understanding Our Current Culture