They Call Me the Easter Rabbit…

With Easter only a few days away, and the annual egg hunt/massive sugar high drawing nearer, it seems appropriate to share this rare interview with you. I’ve kept this transcript quiet because the subject of the interview doesn’t really like publicity. But, after speaking with his agent, I’ve secured permission to reproduce the interview transcript in its entirety here on The Southern Muse.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my exclusive interview with the Easter Rabbit. Feel free to leave any comments below – I would imagine there will be plenty to talk about, based on what all we covered.

JASON BROOKS: Thanks for taking the time to meet with me. I appreciate it.

EASTER RABBIT: No problem. I’m actually in down mode right now, so it’s cool.

JB: Down mode?

ER: Yeah. I’ve gotten most of my eggs colored and the items for the kids’ baskets are categorized and sectioned for delivery. I have a great team in production and fulfillment, so I have to give them a shout out for their help. What’s up Nate, Elly-Elly and The Big BOZ!

JB: You have a production and fulfillment department?

ER: Does that surprise you?

JB: Yes, actually. I’ve always thought you to be a loner.

ER: That’s the popular image, but come on – you really think one rabbit could deliver stuff to the world without a network of people behind him? A bit naïve, don’t you think? Continue reading “They Call Me the Easter Rabbit…”